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Coming back to writing

Isn’t it strange how a big passion to write suddenly disappears when you put yourself in a frame – when, how and what to write about. Tension inside grows until you decide to break any rules you’ve made for yourself, and start writing only when you feel like writing.

I was talking about writing a blog for many years but I couldn’t decide what should I write about. Scientific books about nutrition are one of my favourite books to read. So I thought nutrition should be my topic. However, what I like to read about does not always go hand in hand with what I like to write about. Words just flow when I’m sharing my travel or hiking experience, or just life absorptions in general. I feel delighted when I can write about things that inspire others to live simpler and happier life, that inspire others to be themselves and enjoy every day, that inspire others to love themselves and respect their bodies by giving the most nutritious food to their bodies and having enough physical activity.

Scientific information can be difficult (and sometimes boring) to read. And I’m all about simplicity, so my blog posts are going to be simple, short and easy to read too. Just like a friendly conversation.

I’m coming back to writing together with my reintroduced morning routine. Many times I’ve tried to have an early morning routine, but any trip or guests, or late night would mess up my routine and so I would sleep until the last possible minute before I absolutely have to jump out of my bed for work. And let me tell you, that creates stress. I know that mornings can be slower and stress-free, happier and with higher energy level, as well as productive. I know because I had such mornings in my past and so I give it another try and reintroduce morning routine to my life again. It’s good to be back to my rhythm and have two hours to myself before my day job.

Speak to you soon! x


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